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2024 ESG Top-Rated Companies

Sustainalytics’ list of companies with the best ESG Risk Rating scores

2024 ESG Top-Rated Badges

Sustainalytics is pleased to unveil its 2024 list of ESG Top-Rated Companies based on our industry leading ESG Risk Ratings. Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings cover more than 14,000 companies across 42 industries. Using our comprehensive methodology, we identified the Global 50 Top-Rated companies, a distinction given to the top 50 ESG scores in our global research universe. Also, see the companies with the top ESG Risk Ratings scores by industry and region.

Companies which qualify as “Top-Rated” can obtain a license from Sustainalytics granting permission to use their Top-Rated Badge(s) for capital raising activities, marketing and promotional purposes, internal and external benchmarking, and more. The badge(s) can be used to communicate this industry achievement to investors, customers, employees, and other key stakeholders.

To learn more about ESG Top-Rated Badges and how your company can leverage them in its ESG story, download the brochure below:

2024 Top-Rated ESG Companies List

Company Industry Group Region Global Top 50 Region Top Rated Industry Top Rated

Notice: The data provided is for informational, non-commercial purposes only, does not constitute investment advice, and is subject to conditions available in our Legal Disclaimer. Usage as a credit rating or as a benchmark is not permitted. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing, usage for products and services, index creation, derivative work, portfolio or fund management, or any other usage are not permitted. By way of exception, usage is permitted only to companies with a paid corporate license from Sustainalytics, mentioning Sustainalytics as a source.