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Global Access for Corporates

ESG, climate, and impact data for corporate sustainability professionals on over 16,500 companies


Sustainalytics’ Global Access, our investor platform containing most of our core research and data products, is now available to our corporate clients.


Corporate sustainability professionals can access the ESG Risk, Climate, Impact, and Compliance research viewed by over 1,100 institutional investors globally.


Screen business partners on sustainability criteria, improve your competitive positioning, prepare for regulatory requirements, and optimize your sustainability strategy. 

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Key Features

Granular sustainability data on individual companies


Quick search: Immediately access research on any company that is part of our main research universe


Detailed company reports: Zoom in on an individual company to get detailed insights on their ESG performance and disclosures

Global Access online platform Research section
Global Access Screening and Reporting Tools

Screen Companies and Generate Reports


Data extraction

Extract Excel reports on selected companies to perform further data analysis and modeling


Screening tool

Create custom filters to screen companies on various ESG criteria


Industry reports

Download industry reports for detailed insights and stats on your industry's sustainability performance

Our Global ESG Research Universe, at your fingertips


Comprehensive research

Choose among ESG risk, climate, compliance, or impact data for a comprehensive sustainability analysis


16,500+ companies

Find ESG frontrunners, business partners, peers, clients, and suppliers in our main research universe

Global Access TCFD

Why Sustainalytics?


A Single Market Standard

Consistent approach to ESG assessments across the investment spectrum.


Award-Winning Research and Data

Firm recognized as Best ESG Research and Data Provider by Environmental Finance and Investment Week.


End-to-End ESG Solutions

ESG products and services that serve the entire investment value chain.


30 Years of ESG Expertise

800+ ESG research analysts across our global offices.


A Leading SPO Provider

As recognized by Environmental Finance and the Climate Bonds Initiative.

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